It came up recently, the Jötunn markings, and the suggestion was made that maybe there’s some ritual scarring going on. After sifting through a myriad of images of him and other Frost Giants, I don’t think so. On the two top ones injuries are clearly visible and they look different than the markings Laufey has. They look like they’re part of the whole head adornment shebang to be honest. Maybe he’s from one variety of Frost Giants, while the others we see are from another? Maybe he’s got an elite force, just as the Gurkha soldiers?

Loki on the other hand is looking quite different, even when it comes to the markings. I can’t find any other of the Frost Giants who is sporting something similar. And he’s got ears, hair, eyebrows and he’s definitely is lacking in bone structure here and there, he’s is small and definitely not as bulky as those whom he is said to come from. As a baby it clearly shows he’s got nipples, something male Frost Giants don’t seem to have.To be honest, there’s so much that sets Loki apart from his paternal ancestry it’s really hard to not suspect he has a mother who isn’t/wasn’t Jötunn.

Also, I’m really into Jötunn biology right now after yesterday when I high jacked this post for ramblings about energy, nutrition, epidermis and their ability to create ice and frost bite. It’s just so interesting. Yes yes, I’ve got a lot biology in my degree; I suppose that’s why. But the fact remains - this is really interesting.

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  • 23 August 2013
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    Geez. I wish Marvel could clear out all this jotun stuff cause the fandom is growing and we really want to know more...
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