I wonder what happened now? I haven’t been following The Hobbit news in a while; looks like I will have to take a peek!

There have basically been no news. However, I think we can expect quite a bit during SDCC. There’s a Smaug/Bard poster and a picture out now of Thra… right. I can’t even use his name in a text or it’s blocked. That arrogant elf who is Legolas’ dad. As soon as something happens - anything - the whinge group wakes from lethargy, and the funny thing is that most praise LotR as such great films while hating on the Hobbit. Since I remember what was said back when, I sigh and close the window, because I really don’t need to read it all over again.

Although, it almost makes me wish they’ll get the rights for Silmarillion too in about 10 years just to see history repeat itself a third time. Just for laughs.



Dot is actually right, no Loki-related craze this year at SDCC!

Oh, I love being Right™. One should never be too certain, but no, there’s no reason for an appearance. There are other Marvel characters I can think of who could show up, but not Mr. Mischief. Besides, if they do something I doubt it would be anything like last year. It’s been done now.



Well, the Hobbit tag has gone bonkers. No need to scroll.

Did you mean … THIS:


Confess. You did this so I’d have to reply and have it on my blog, didn’t you? Since we have had basically nothing so far, I have to say I expect SDCC this year to be very Hobbit oriented. It’s the last chance too, to attempt to own it, and this year there will be no Loki lurking in the shadows, stealing the show.

Writing the dramatic death scene



In your head:


In paper:


this made me laugh so hard because it’s so accurate.

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I’m only alive because all the cars at work are new and have air conditioning.

I’m officially envious. Our cars are really old and have no a/c. IT’S AWFUL.

Well, half of my state is on fire, so I feel you, believe me!

We now have a ban on fire in any shape and form, but we rarely get any huge fires here.

It would be okay if I didn’t have to work the way I do outside. It’s impossible to avoid the sun here. Because of our climate people just love putting everything plant related south facing. It’s okay up until 10-10.30 am, but noon until 3 pm it’s really tough. I wish we could start by 5 am instead of 7 am. It’s early, but we’d be able to do most of our work when it’s decent. We could start at 4 too because light isn’t a problem at this time of year.

*laughing* that seems appropriate!

What I feel like telling the high pressure bringing down this Russian menace on us: I suggest you try over the Hill or across the Water. Norway is just fine with me. Germany too. Just not here.

Yeah, I’m not certain I always understand their recommendations, either. Like you, they usually are reasonable. But sometimes there are these odd ones too. They think I speak Portuguese, for example.

LMAO! That has never happened to me thankfully.

Yuck. So sorry, Dot!

Thank you. How I feel about the forecast telling us it’s going to get even worse:

For the most part Tumblr aims at least vaguely in the right direction when it recommend blogs to me, but I had to raise my eyebrow just now at Tumblr recommending an Aidan Turner blog. Since when did I EVAH blog about him? Or re-blog for that matter? 1) I generally don’t blog about actors and 2) I have actually re-blogged Dean O’Gorman as Fili - just him - at one point, something I have never done with Mr Turner, not as Mitchell nor as Kili. Fili looks like a Dwarven Sammy Hagar which amuses me to no end. I can’t really see pictures of him without having this in my head. <— I’m warning you. That link is a massive 80s attack - both musically and cinematically.

If there’s ONE of Hobbit characters I have re-blogged on a semi regular basis it’s Thorin because he’s fantastic at being unamused, stubborn and grumpy. Do I get any Richard Armitage suggestions? N.O.P.E. And I’m absolutely fine with that.

I suppose the bottom line is that I don’t understand Tumblr. And I could post a link which makes me chuckle.